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At Bay Academic Support, we measure our own achievements by the success of our students. Over the years, we have received much positive feedback from students who used our tutoring services and went on to get top-tier test scores.

Here is what some of our families are saying about Bay Academic Support:

Thank you Gigi, I can never thank you enough…your expertise has truly been life changing!

Gray's Mom

“You know, before I started coming here I felt like everybody in my class was leaving me behind.  They do things like (motioning with his finger as if quickly reading sentences in a book) read like this and I read yellow books, but now I don’t feel like that anymore.  I think I’m catching up.”

From 10 year old Jacob

Dear Gigi,

I was walking through our family room the other day and I saw something that made me stop and watch.  My 8 year old was sitting on the couch reading a 3rd grade level book (Tales of a Fourth) to himself, silently.  It was not suggested that he do this.  On his own, by his own choice, he chose to read instead of watch TV, play a video game, or sit at the computer.  This scene made me think about how far we have come in the last year and a half.


A year and a half ago, after a couple of frustrating, unsuccessful attempts at learning to read, we came across your name and your specific skill set for teaching children to read.  What I did not know at the time is how the combination of your skills and your ability to work so well with our child would make such a difference in his young, little life.  You have given him and us the greatest gift; him the gift of reading and us, hope fo the opportunities his future may have because of this skill.  He has not only learned how to read and spell and be an independent learner from you, but also these skills have given him confidence in his abilities.  When you give a child confidence and the ability to read you not only change who they are now, but who they can be in the future.  For that, we are forever grateful.


Thank you Gigi.  I hope you know that each day when you go to work you are making a difference in the lives of children and the families you work with. 



Heather and Mark

From Hyatt's parents

I would like to tell the parents of any child who struggles in school to get that child tested as early as possible, then invest in a tutor to whom that child responds positively!

“Miss Gigi”, I honestly don’t know how you remain patient, calm and reassuring all day to so many “kiddos”. But I do know that Matthew has enjoyed going to “fun learning” since kindergarten, when he was referred by his teacher. Your
focused and patient instruction over the summer helped Matthew get through first grade without any extra help. Then, in second grade, we changed schools and Matthew asked me one night, “Can we go to Miss Gigi’s?” 

Reading was getting harder now, and independence in school was expected, but Matthew was struggling to keep up, despite his intelligence, diligence and focus! That has to be one of the hardest things to watch, your child laboring to read, comprehend, and express what he can think and verbalize quite well! He needed parents to intervene, to be his advocate. The school system was not meeting my child’s educational needs at all. I know there are thousands of children in the public schools who do meet state criteria for extra help, I am so thankful that we could provide for our son. I wish all children could be so blessed. 

Hour by hour, we watched Matthew learn to giggle as he reads, laugh playing “games” with Miss Gigi, feel relief at having the right “tools in his box” and knowing when to use them. There is no substitute for one-on-one instruction in a comfy quiet place! I have to chuckle when I see his “state and school test” scores taken after 5 months of after-school tutoring, because they so clearly reflect advances in specific areas that Gigi had identified and taught Matthew. That alone meets the goal, but what you cannot know until you know Miss Gigi, is how much your child will like her! 

Matthew brought toys to show her all the time, and was always met with genuine love and kindness. Her soft and calm ways really help kids relax in her presence, without fearing failure. She gets to know your child so well that recommending games, books, websites to help are a daily part of the therapy, and they are what your child likes to do! These tools for parents are invaluable!  

Thank you Gigi, a thousand times over!!

We miss you!
Matthews Mom

From Matthew's Mom

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